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Lemon crinkle cookies

Chocolate crinkle cookies step aside. It’s time for your lemony counterpart to shine.


Forsythia of Spring

Bursting with bright, yellow blooms long before leaves begin to form, it’s a pop of color to hold you over until the mid-spring color fest.

Favorite forget-me-nots

Every year in early spring, hundreds of the tiny blossoms circle my backyard and start the season-long parade of Pacific Northwest color.

Nutella-stuffed cookies

If hazelnutty deliciousness is your weakness, be prepared to try these Nutella-stuffed cookies. The best part? They’re super simple to make.

Crocuses in March

A plethora of year-round bulbs sat dormant. Included were the happy flowers of early-spring blooming crocuses.

Birthday cake bliss

Yes, it may have been overly ambitious for my first cheesecake ever. And yes, the stakes were high. But deterred? I was not.