Good food, fun and the great outdoors – the Pacific Northwest is where it’s at. Join me on my grand exploration of Washington and Oregon’s endless adventure possibilities. I’ll be blogging about my latest travels, tasty culinary experiments and posting photos featuring the seasonal beauty of Western Washington.

About the author

Hilary Schult grew up along South Puget Sound, in a family full of outdoor explorers and artists. Graduating with a Associates a week after receiving her high school diploma, she traveled up across the west coast showing miniature horses with her mother and friends. She then joined the ranks of the geoduck clan, earning a 4-year degree in writing and cross-cultural studies from the Evergreen State College.

Herding dogs (two chihuahuas, a lab/aussie mix and a cat-dog to be precise), gardening, cooking, reading and travel keep her living the interesting life. She’s a blogger and social media coordinator for the State of Washington, motivated by a deep love of state parks.