Sailboat on Puget Sound

Sunnyside Beach Park

Sailboat on Puget Sound; Steilacoom, Washington

Saturday was beyond gorgeous in the Pacific Northwest. Taking advantage of the sun and nearly 70 degree weather, our feet led us to the Tacoma area.

In the historic town of Steilacoom, there’s a little beachside city park called Sunnyside Beach Park. There’s a picnic shelter, a few small picnic tables and a great playground (for the 5 and under crowds). It’s a popular diving spot with squid, octopus and other creatures of the Puget Sound deep.

Our favorite part? The amazing view of the Olympic Mountains, McNeil and Fox islands and passing by vessels. We happened to spot a sailboat drifting in the breeze just offshore. Time your visit right and you can watch the ferries as they approach and leave the terminal in Steilacoom.