Forsythia of Spring

Forsythia, Olympia, Washington

Forsythia, Olympia, Washington

Looking for an early spring-flowering shrub? Forsythia is one of my favorites. Bursting with bright, yellow blooms long before leaves begin to form, it’s a pop of color to hold you over until the mid-spring color fest.

In between downpours, I sprinted out to capture a few shots of these annual visitors. You may be able to see the droplets of rain clinging to the downward facing petals.

Our forsythia is used as a border shrub. Its canopy guarding the delicate crocuses and forget-me-nots lining the paved walkway. The blooms of the forget-me-nots are fated to outlast it, however. Leaving the contrasting primary shades to just a sea of blue below. Green foliage of the shrub adds to the lushness of the garden during the summer, despite its role as an early bloomer.