Nutella-stuffed cookies

Nutella-stuffed cookies

Nutella-stuffed cookies

It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate – and this recipe is oh-so-right. If hazelnutty deliciousness is your weakness, be prepared to try these Nutella-stuffed cookies. The best part? They’re super simple to make.

First step…mix one cup Nutella, one cup flour and one egg.

Then spoon out one teaspoon of dough onto a cookie sheet. In the center, drop half a teaspoon of Nutella on the dough.

Finish off with another teaspoon of dough and seal the dough shut. The recipe recommends pinching the dough like a ravioli. I found the dough to be too sticky for this method. Instead, I swirled the soft dough around the cookie’s perimeter.

What you see is what you get with this cookie. Without eggs or baking powder, it doesn’t rise. The center of the cookie will look just slightly moist when finished baking. Avoid overcooking to melt the Nutella in the center of the cookies without cooking it into the dough.

Done! Cookie deliciousness!