Snowdrops in February

Snowdrops; Olympia, Washington

Snowdrops; Olympia, Washington

Winter is ever green in the Pacific Northwest. Snow is fleeting and rain is constant. After months of downpours and windstorms, you can’t help but do a happy-dance at the first signs of spring.

Crocuses and snowdrops begin popping out of the ground near the end of February, giving a need brightness to gray skies and green grass. It’s a freshness these later-winter perennial blooms promise every year – and deliver so long as the squirrels stay away.

Despite a rather high density of fluffy-tailed creatures, our snowdrops make it through another year. Bulbs unscathed. Their downward faces greeted us at our door almost overnight. And lasted just long enough for the anticipation of spring gardening to bubble up.