Sun breaks at Seaside

Lewis & Clark Monument, Seaside.

Lewis & Clark Monument, Seaside.

Our pick for Valentine’s Day weekend? A trip to the Oregon Coast. Haystack Rock had been our first destination, but skee ball┬ásummoned before too long.

Chilled by winter at the coast, we warmed up with a competition. Sports – and competition – are not my strong suit. But skeeball? Years of bowling in middle school had me primed for my skee ball career.

Seeing the hazy rain giving way to streaks of sun, we left the bright lights and hustle of the arcade for the sweet smells of the boardwalk. If you’ve been to Seaside, you’re familiar with the monument dedicated to Lewis & Clark. A mist of salty ocean scents mixed with wafting bakery goodness as we approached. Fellow tourist lined in the street to snap a photo of the statue. A memory of the history that changed the west coast forever.

Just beyond the monument is a panoramic view of the spectacular Pacific Ocean. Children reveled in the warmth of the sun, swinging on the various set erected on the beach. As we left, we watched a middle-aged man touch the beach for the first time. With a smile, we remembered how fortunate we are to live mere few hours from water and sand.