Picnic at Millersylvania

Millersylvania State Park; Olympia, Washington

Millersylvania State Park; Olympia, Washington

The prediction: Rain. The actual: Bright, carefree sun. A picnic was in order. Only a few minutes from our humble abode is the old-growth forest of Millersylvania State Park. Placing a trusty Discover Pass on the rear-view mirror, we slowly weaved down the paved roads of the park.

Sun reflected off the water in greeting as our only mistake became clear. It was COLD. The sun pumped heat to the earth below, but the chilly breeze stirred Deep Lake and batted the warmth away from our skin. Next spontaneous winter picnic, thicker coats were in order. Clear skies meant cold weather.

Setting up at a table near the swimming area, and in the greeting sunlight, we opened our lunch. And realized a heavily panting dog was quickly approaching. The smell of french fries are a powerful weapon.

Tucker, an eight-year-old blind rescue of a pug plus larger dog breed sat beside us at the bench. Smile beaming, he caught his breath with expectant eyes. Moments later, his owner found us. We learned french fries were not Tucker’s first culinary discovery of the day. Shortly before, he’d frantically pulled her towards a piece of dog biscuit someone discarded on a picnic table. To his dismay, it was confiscated. However,¬†our new friend DID charm us out of some french fries.

If you’re visiting Olympia and need to stretch your legs, stop by Millersylvania. You’ll want to drive to the heart of the park. There you’ll find the historic stone-built bathhouse and a sweet little dock to watch swimming blue gill in the lake waters.