Winter at Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock; Cannon Beach, Oregon

Haystack Rock; Cannon Beach, Oregon

It was February. We were desperate for an adventure. And if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know winter exploration means rain and fog. Packing up the elderly chihuahua, we loaded up the gold wonder and took off for the coast.

The Oregon Coast, that is.

Seaside, Oregon is one of our favorite places. It’s a tourist haven, with sandy beaches, fun little shops and a kicking arcade. Plus, it’s a just a hop down the highway to Cannon Beach. A few days after Valentine’s Day, we figured we’d have the coast to ourselves.

Bundled up to fight the frigid Pacific Ocean breezes, our feet led us to the water. No trip to Cannon Beach is complete without a short jaunt to the iconic Haystack Rock.

Shrouded in fog and a swirling veil of seagulls, its tall majesty is as beautiful surrounded by gray mist as it is in the summer sun. As if it called to us, we gravitated towards the gradient form in the water. The chill of sea couldn’t break the trance.

Also venturing out were many tiny families, with little ones padded with layers of winter warmth. We’re fairly certain it’s our littlest travel companion’s favorite part of vacation – besides the food. Her 12-year-old self greatly approves of being called ‘puppy.’ Sorry kids, she’s the oldest puppy you’re likely to meet on the beach.

If you have a dog traveling with you on your stop to Cannon Beach, be sure to visit Puppy Love. They’ll always have a kind word and a treat for your best friend.