Crocuses in March

Purple crocuses; Olympia, Washington

Purple crocuses; Olympia, Washington

When I moved into my home back in October 2010, I had no idea what delights rested beneath the soil of my garden. A gift from the previous owners, a plethora of year-round bulbs sat dormant. Included were the happy flowers of early-spring blooming crocuses.

The itch of cabin distracted me. At least that’s my excuse. I had hardly noticed the first green sprigs of snowdrops and crocuses sprouting up in my garden. The white blooms of snowdrops caught me by surprise, appearing almost overnight at the end of February. Then the crocuses, as if marking a calendar, opened for the first time on March 1. No sooner, no later.

Brilliant orange stamens and deep purple gradient petals brought together by silvery white.  A few of a white variety with lavender veins interspersed the purple for variety. I carefully plucked a few from the ground, entranced by their delicate stems. Pondering how lovely it would look in a small vessel in my window, light reflecting through the water and onto the blooms.

And completely unaware of my gigantic garden helper smashing the flowers behind me.

My dog herding duties beckoned. With a quick command to step away from the flower, we went inside to minimize the destruction. At least until another day.

Note to self…plant hardier flowers.